Comparison of 3D printing technologies for insole production

Comparison of 3D printing technologies for insole production

Choose wisely: what are the most suitable 3D printing technologies to produce your custom insoles? The innovation of 3D printing is transforming every aspect of our daily lives, including how we take care of our health and well-being. One of the most recent and rapidly evolving sectors is the orthopedic industry, particularly dedicated to custom insoles.


3D printed tumors to test anti-cancer drugs

Non-invasive technique allows screening of thousands of tumor organoids at the level of individual cell populations, including those from which drug resistance arises.

Digital workflow: the role and importance of prototyping

[CASE STUDY] Digital workflow: the role and importance of prototyping

With the aim of increasingly reducing the steps necessary for the restoration of each patient, planning plays a fundamental role because it allows you to "give life to the idea" of what each smile will look like.

Le tecnologie 3D all’interno del contesto ospedaliero

3D technologies in hospital context

From the external "service" to the internal 3D laboratory As with all technological innovations, also in the biomedical sector 3D has had a strong impact on clinical processes in routine activities, hand in hand with the progress of 3D imaging technologies (CT, MRI, etc…).

Pianificazione chirurgica su modello anatomico mandibolare stampato 3D di un’atrofia ossea orizzontale

Surgical planning on a 3D printed mandibular anatomical model of a horizontal bone atrophy

The integration of 3D printing in the diagnostic process preparatory to planning regenerative oral surgery (GBR) represents an undoubted advantage for the specialist.

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3D scanning as a digital simulation tool

The development of the medical device and surgical practice.

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3D Printed PEEK Extravascular Stent in the Treatment of Nutcracker Syndrome

3D printing is a cutting-edge technology that has been widely used in many aspects of production and life, with numerous applications across different industries.