Digital workflow: the role and importance of prototyping

[CASE STUDY] Digital workflow: the role and importance of prototyping

With the aim of increasingly reducing the steps necessary for the restoration of each patient, planning plays a fundamental role because it allows you to "give life to the idea" of what each smile will look like.

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[CASE STUDY] Permanent crown on post and core: the perfect synergy between intraoral scan and 3D printing

In recent decades, the world of Dentistry and Dental Technology is undergoing a change in the dental protocol, from analog to digital.

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[CASE STUDY] Refractory Feldspathic Veneers: integration between traditional and digital workflow

The digitisation of dental production protocols is an increasingly discussed topic among professionals, whose laboratories or clinics are becoming more and more virtual.

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[CASE STUDY] 3D technologies for maxillofacial surgery and implantology

Support for the case study of invasive maxillary cyst in collaboration with the dental specialist Dr. Michele Di Cosola at the Villa Pompea, excellence facility in Bari.

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[STUDY] PEEK screwed dental substructure, with FFF technology

Polyether ether ketone, known as PEEK, is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymer well known in the manufacturing industry for its mechanical properties.

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3D printing and Orthodontics - OpLab

3D printing is increasingly becoming an indispensable tool in the dental industry, for the design of prostheses, for planning interventions, or simply for educational purposes.