Le tecnologie 3D all’interno del contesto ospedaliero

3D technologies in hospital context

From the external "service" to the internal 3D laboratory As with all technological innovations, also in the biomedical sector 3D has had a strong impact on clinical processes in routine activities, hand in hand with the progress of 3D imaging technologies (CT, MRI, etc…).

Pianificazione chirurgica su modello anatomico mandibolare stampato 3D di un’atrofia ossea orizzontale

Surgical planning on a 3D printed mandibular anatomical model of a horizontal bone atrophy

The integration of 3D printing in the diagnostic process preparatory to planning regenerative oral surgery (GBR) represents an undoubted advantage for the specialist.

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3D scanning as a digital simulation tool

The development of the medical device and surgical practice.

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3D Printed PEEK Extravascular Stent in the Treatment of Nutcracker Syndrome

3D printing is a cutting-edge technology that has been widely used in many aspects of production and life, with numerous applications across different industries.

corona definitiva su perno moncone

[CASE STUDY] Permanent crown on post and core: the perfect synergy between intraoral scan and 3D printing

In recent decades, the world of Dentistry and Dental Technology is undergoing a change in the dental protocol, from analog to digital.

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[CASE STUDY] 3D printed protective sport mask for the facial massif

The healthcare sector, and particularly the orthopedic one, is characterised by manufacturing processes which go through the phases of acquisition by 3D scanning, device CAD design and additive manufacturing, carrying out research on materials and quality control in the few phases of production they need.

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[CASE STUDY] 3D printing in plantar orthosis

Additive manufacturing is shaping up to be an increasingly versatile manufacturing technology, which can be adapted to the most varied fields and sectors. Recent innovation and research into materials is evolving to support the design and development of manufacturing processes for orthopaedic medical devices.