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Custom-made Orthopedic Braces - Holey

Holey is an innovative start-up which has developed an integrated system, based on 3D printing technology, to realize some custom-made orthopedic braces able to replace the traditional plaster cast with a lightweight but strong, breathable and wearable even in the water.

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Orthopedic innovation

With the modern Additive Manufacturing systems, it is possible to produce high-performance customized orthotics at a lower cost.

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3D printing and Orthodontics - OpLab

3D printing is increasingly becoming an indispensable tool in the dental industry, for the design of prostheses, for planning interventions, or simply for educational purposes.

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3D printing in a trauma hospital

3D printing is seeing increasingly widespread adoption in the medical field, with numerous examples of applications that help surgeons accurately plan cosmetic surgery. Now, the potential of 3D printing is examined by hospitals to treat patients who are fighting for their lives.

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