Pioneers of the next dimension in medicine

Experimenters, innovators, focused on digitizing and personalizing treatments for each patient. We operate in dental, orthopaedics, surgical planning and bioprinting.


crown and bridge models, aligners, surgical guides, splints, hawley retainers...


orthotic insoles, accommodating and corrective insoles...


orthotics, custom braces, exoskeletons, prosthetics and sockets...

Surgical Planning

cardiology, vascular surgery, oncology, maxillofacial surgery...


bioassays, biosensors, organ generation, micropatterning...


tailor-made earphones, hearing protection and competitive sports devices...

Why rely on CreaMED

New Technologies

We select for you the best 3D hardware and software technologies in the medical sector.

Research and Development

We develop new applications following the evolution of the market and the reference industries.

Dedicated team

3D printing and 3D scanning experts, and professionals in the field of biomedical applications.