Dental Industry


Surgical planning

Digitization and Additive Manufacturing services for the Medical industry

CreaMED, a business unit born from the long-standing experience of Crea3D®, aims to support professionals in the medical industry during the digital transition process of their business, providing a wide range of professional 3D solutions for data digitization, prototyping and production of artifacts.

Thanks to the collaboration with brands such as Ultimaker, Raise3D, Intamsys, Shining3D, Photocentric, over the years, CreaMED has gained an important know-how shared through training and continuous assistance services.


Why rely on CreaMED

We believe in the enormous potential of additive manufacturing in the medical&healthcare industry, we see it every day. From a newly found smile, to the chance to walk again, moving on through the reduction of risks in the operating room.

Research and development

We select the best 3D hardware and software technologies in the medical field, and develop new applications following the evolution of the market and the reference industries.

Dedicated team

3D printing and 3D scanning experts, and professionals in the field of biomedical applications.


Different 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies, and numerous materials available, to start the digitization of medical laboratories and improve the planning of surgical interventions.

Dental Industry

crown and bridge models, aligners, surgical guides, splints, hawley retainers...


orthotic insoles, custom braces, exoskeletons, prosthetics and sockets...

Surgical Planning

cardiology, vascular surgery, oncology, maxillofacial surgery...

Latest news

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[CASE STUDY] 3D technologies for maxillofacial surgery and implantology

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