Bioprinting of 3D models of hematopoiesis starting from the bone marrow

Bioprinting of 3D models of hematopoiesis starting from the bone marrow

The maturation of all blood cells occurs within the microenvironment of the bone marrow, a soft tissue that fills the cavities of the bones, composed of a network of extracellular matrix components and intercellular fluids generated by pressure gradients from the vascular system that facilitate the process of hematopoiesis.

Cerotti antibatterici simili a lenti a contatto stampati in 3D per il trattamento della cheratite batterica

3D Printed Antibacterial Contact Lens-Like Patches for the Treatment of Bacterial Keratitis

Bacterial keratitis (BK) is an ocular infection which constitutes the majority of infectious keratitis cases all around the world, and has estimated about 2.5-799 cases per 0.1 million population per year.

Rigenerazione basata sulla stampa 3D delle lesioni del menisco

Biohybrid designs for 3D bioprinted skeletal muscle tissue

Skeletal muscle tissue (SMT) is the largest organ by mass in the human body and is critical for locomotion, posture, respiration, physiology, and energy homeostasis. Genetic or acquired diseases, as well as damage and aging can make this organ dysfunctional and cause significant impairment in the quality of life and human health.

3D printing-based regeneration of meniscus tears

3D printing-based regeneration of meniscus tears

Knee menisci are macro-structurally semilunar wedges and act as a congruent cushion between the femoral condyle and tibial plateau. Meniscal tissue injuries and tears caused by sports injuries, old age and accidents are a major cause of pain and discomfort among various population groups.

Development of 3D bioprinted heart valves

Development of 3D bioprinted heart valves

The main valvular heart diseases (VHDs), rheumatic heart diseases affect around 41 million people worldwide. VHDs can reduce the quality of life, physical functionality and sometimes cause sudden death. 


3D printed tumors to test anti-cancer drugs

Non-invasive technique allows screening of thousands of tumor organoids at the level of individual cell populations, including those from which drug resistance arises.

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The new frontier of bioengineering in tissue regeneration: Bioprinting

3D Bioprinting has opened the generation of precisely controlled 3D cell models and tissue structures by engineering anatomically shaped substrates with tissue-like complexity.