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[CASE STUDY] 3D printed protective sport mask for the facial massif

The healthcare sector, and particularly the orthopedic one, is characterised by manufacturing processes which go through the phases of acquisition by 3D scanning, device CAD design and additive manufacturing, carrying out research on materials and quality control in the few phases of production they need.

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Maker Club Enables Amputees with Customized and Accessible Alternatives

Founder Mike Li worked in the IT industry up until 5 years ago when he was inspired by a video that highlighted a unique use of 3D printing for children’s prosthetics. Motivated to apply medical 3D printing for prosthetics in order to help others, he and other local makers volunteered their time to create and customize prosthetics for patients.

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Custom-made Orthopedic Braces - Holey

Holey is an innovative start-up which has developed an integrated system, based on 3D printing technology, to realize some custom-made orthopedic braces able to replace the traditional plaster cast with a lightweight but strong, breathable and wearable even in the water.