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[CASE STUDY] 3D printing in plantar orthosis

Additive manufacturing is shaping up to be an increasingly versatile manufacturing technology, which can be adapted to the most varied fields and sectors. Recent innovation and research into materials is evolving to support the design and development of manufacturing processes for orthopaedic medical devices.

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The new frontier of bioengineering in tissue regeneration: Bioprinting

3D Bioprinting has opened the generation of precisely controlled 3D cell models and tissue structures by engineering anatomically shaped substrates with tissue-like complexity.

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[CASE STUDY] Refractory Feldspathic Veneers: integration between traditional and digital workflow

The digitisation of dental production protocols is an increasingly discussed topic among professionals, whose laboratories or clinics are becoming more and more virtual.

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Additive manufacturing helps isolate cells from one of the most aggressive breast cancers

Scientists from the University of Girona have successfully isolated breast cancer stem cells using additive manufacturing. This investigation has been considered a very important milestone in the research of triple negative breast cancer, one of the most aggressive cancers with a high relapse rate.

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[CASE STUDY] 3D technologies for maxillofacial surgery and implantology

Support for the case study of invasive maxillary cyst in collaboration with the dental specialist Dr. Michele Di Cosola at the Villa Pompea, excellence facility in Bari.

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Maker Club Enables Amputees with Customized and Accessible Alternatives

Founder Mike Li worked in the IT industry up until 5 years ago when he was inspired by a video that highlighted a unique use of 3D printing for children’s prosthetics. Motivated to apply medical 3D printing for prosthetics in order to help others, he and other local makers volunteered their time to create and customize prosthetics for patients.

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[STUDY] PEEK screwed dental substructure, with FFF technology

Polyether ether ketone, known as PEEK, is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymer well known in the manufacturing industry for its mechanical properties.

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